Perfect Gay Marriage by Robert Tait

Being published in monthly installments on is Robert Tait’s latest novel. Matt, a gay 30-something private investigator, who “left the Police Force in dramatic circumstances two years before”, is hired by Stephen Eckersley, a quazillionaire businessman. Stephen and his much younger boyfriend Cameron Walker are planning on getting married as soon as it becomes legal (“Gay marriage will be through Parliament this year or next”) and it’s Matt’s job to delve through Cameron’s past to make sure that when the time comes this high profile marriage goes without a hitch.

So far only the first 5 chapters have been uploaded, but they’re intriguing enough to have me returning each month. The writing is light and the plot is tight, the proof-reading not so. There are so many typos and grammatical errors that it distracts from the good story. Also some of the facts in the book are not accurate. Burswood Casino in Perth is very central to the city area, not “a considerable distance”, and it never has had “backgammon tables”. And where in Australia do jacaranda’s flower in June (“the jacaranda’s flowering beautifully this year”)? Still this easy-to-read gay detective story is perfect summer reading, and maybe by the time the last chapter is published we may even be able to have a legal gay marriage written into the story. I look forward to finding out if this Perfect Gay Marriage endures to the grave or ends in divorce.


~ Neil.


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