Blood Price by Tanya Huff

Blood Price- Tanya Huff

ImageCatching a late night subway home, ex-homicide detective Vicki “Victory” Nelson, is witness to a terrifying attack. Having been forced out of the police service at the top of her game by an incurable eye disease, she’s now reluctantly working as a private investigator. Determined to prove herself, Vicki thrusts herself into the pursuit of a deadly, inhuman killer who is brutally maiming people and draining their bodies of blood. The more she becomes involved, the closer it brings her to former colleagues including ex- police partner and sometime lover, Mike Celluci, who provides a less than enthusiastic reception to her return.

As more information comes to light, Vicki crosses paths with writer Henry Fitzroy who is hiding a secret of his own. For Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of Henry VIII, has knowledge of realms beyond the mortal acquired over the centuries during which he’d mastered his own insatiable needs – the life-from-death cravings of a vampire. When the media start blaming the attacks on his kind, he realises that if he doesn’t start using his superhuman abilities to hunt the demon terrorising the city, this unwelcome attention may well grow. And without Henry Fitzroy, mere mortals like Vicki and Mike would not long survive against the ancient force of chaos that had been loosed on their world.

Parts of the story are told in a series of flashbacks relating to Henry’s former adventures throughout the centuries, which provide an enjoyable respite from an otherwise mundane story. The bumbling antics of the instigator of mayhem are not entirely believable. The supporting cast of characters were also quite shallow. The story is told in a way that the reader knows exactly what is happening and who is responsible, which leaves little suspense to keep the pages turning.

Code Name Verity- Elizabeth Wein

ImageOct. 11th, 1943-A British spy plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France. Its pilot and passenger are best friends. One of the girls has a chance at survival. The other has lost the game before it’s barely begun.

When “Verity” is arrested by the Gestapo, she’s sure she doesn’t stand a chance. As a secret agent captured in enemy territory, she’s living a spy’s worst nightmare. Her Nazi interrogators give her a simple choice: reveal her mission or face a grisly execution.

As she intricately weaves her confession, Verity uncovers her past, how she became friends with the pilot Maddie, and why she left Maddie in the wrecked fuselage of their plane. On each new scrap of paper, Verity battles for her life, confronting her views on courage, failure and her desperate hope to make it home. But will trading her secrets be enough to save her from the enemy?

A Michael L. Printz Award Honor book that was called “a fiendishly-plotted mind game of a novel” in The New York Times, Code Name Verity is a visceral read of danger, resolve, and survival that shows just how far true friends will go to save each other.

This is a haunting book that refuses to leave you. It is beautifully teased out and stays in your mind long after the final page is turned. A real classic that I highly recommend.

Crossroads – Radclyffe

ImageDr. Hollis Monroe specializes in short-terms relationships, typically eight months or less. As an obstetrician dealing with high-risk pregnancies, she spends all her time and energy in caring for women at a nice, comfortable professional distance until she delivers their babies and can walk away. They’re happy, she’s satisfied, and no one gets hurt. The perfect relationship.

Pregnant mother-to-be Annie Colfax is alone and barely making ends meet—she didn’t plan on starting a family by herself, but she’s determined to succeed. All she had to do is survive.

Neither woman wants a relationship, but fate brings them together at a crossroads that will change their lives forever.


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