Bonnie’s notes on Sophia Kell Hagin

Bonnie recently read Whatever Gods may be and Shadows of Something Real both by Sophia Kell Hagin. Unfortunately these books are not held in the BCCLS catalogue, but can be obtained through the interlibrary loan process. The following are from Bonnie’s notes.

whatever gods may beWhatever Gods may be. This debut novel features Jamie Gwynmorgan, a 17-year-old woman who enlists in the Marine Corps because she has no where else to go. After surviving, Boot Camp, Jamie is assigned to Sniper/Scout school because of her prowess with a rifle. Once out of Sniper/Scout school, she is sent to the Philippines as a replacement as a sniper’s spotter in the government’s effort to suppress an insurgent group trying to overthrow the Philippine government. Reluctantly marched up the ranks due to death and injury of her colleagues, Gwynmorgan finds herself having to overcome horrific hardships while not only fighting for her own survival, but responsible for those around her. The book is quite explicit in its portrayal of military life, and of the lengths needed to survive in a hostile environment. Raw and graphic at times, it is not an easy read but is totally believable.Shadows of Something RealShadows of Something Real. It is rare that sequels live up to a first book but Shadows of Something Real certainly surprises. Still healing from devastating injuries suffered at the hands of sadistic POW operators, Jamie Gwynmorgan discovers that her injuries are not just physical. Unexpected flashbacks haunt every moment and she is plunged back into the torture she experienced during those brutal months. She tells herself it’s just an illusion of her damaged mind, but when things start happening around her to the people she has come to love, she is faced with the impossible task of sorting out what is real from what’s not. The author has done an excellent job in taking us on a journey through the crippling horrors of post traumatic stress disorder. This story is about the human psyche and the special people and relationships required to help heal the damage of mind and spirit. The book also delves into the intricacies of greed and politics, about  civilian military contractors and the uncompromising scruples of some people in positions of power.


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