12 ideas to keep in mind when you read/review your next book

The following are 12 suggestions to keep in mind when you next read a book and hopefully review it for this blog! Attention budding bloggers I hope to get on this site! – thank you to those who have already contributed.

1. Sum up the book in one sentance and then one word.
2. Did the characters develop through the course of the story and if so how, and were these changes a logical result for their experiences?
3. Were there different points of view in the story and did they enhance or detract it?
4. Were the characters believable?
5. Do you think the story ( narrative) of the text was plot driven (ie developed through actions/events) or character driven (more emotionally driven and depicted through thoughts).
6. Did you think the plot was believable or not?
7. How was the setting conveyed and did it contribute to the feel of the book?
8. Did the setting enhance or detract from the main storyline?
9. Did, as a result of reading the book, did your perceptions change about the subject matter?
10. What did you like most about the book? And why?
11. What did you dislike about the book? And why?
12. How did the title relate to the book?

Happy Reading

Robert. QR Facilitator.


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