Author Visit to Queer Readers, Victor Marsh, Monday 19th January.


January’s Queer Readers Meeting is next Monday, 19th January.  This month we are privileged to have Victor Marsh as our guest author to discuss his insightful autobiography, Boy in the Yellow Dress. Wine and cheese will be served on arrival. Guests are welcome,

The meeting will kick off with Victor talking about his book, writings and life.
After the talk we will have a quick look at the 2015 Groundrules and Reading List. If time permits there readers will be given an opportunity to discuss ONE book they have read over the break. If you have more please send me the details and I will put them up on the blog. Nadja will bring some copies of recent donations to the G and L Collection at the library.
If you are interested in purchasing Boy in the Yellow Dress, Victor has kindly sent me the following prices:

Books by Victor Marsh

The Boy in the Yellow Dress

RRP $34.95 … for $25.00

Mr Isherwood Change Trains: Christopher Isherwood and the search for the ‘home self’

RRP $29.95 … for $20.00

Speak Now: Australian perspectives on same-sex marriage

RRP $29.95 … for $20.00

“Eagle-eyed shoppers will notice that th Isherwood title is going for practically nothing at some online sites, but otherwise, these are still reasonable prices, with good discounts….Happy New Year !  May 2015 be everything you could hope for …”  – Victor.

I hope to see you there next Monday to support Victor.

Best wishes to you all and happy reading…

Rob 🙂


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