Queerly Beloved by Dianne and Jacob Anderson-Minshall. A review by John Cook


This is an easy to read book on what could have been a difficult subject to air with a few extra twists by courtesy of the details of a ‘trans’ from one female partner in a long term lesbian relationship.

This could have been a long-winded emotional meander or bogged down in details of procedures, processes and outcomes. That simply doesn’t happen for two good reasons. Both partners are literate and media savvy with a long history in paper and electronic publishing. The alternate voices used throughout and the neat prose styles (each sufficiently different to even reflect the trans change in Suzy <> Jacob as this progressed) lift this into a sphere of strong interest both in the emotional and social context as well as what needs to be told with regard to the physical changes.

I have read the book by Chaz Bono on his similar experiences but found this a much more satisfying read with my curiosity aroused by the sheer range and depth of the activities this pair have engaged in during their partnership and their age when the transition occurred. There would seem to have never been an empty moment throughout their relationship including their fostering of severely disturbed youths. The context at that time with Jacob then required to be ‘in the closet’ with regard to his trans condition while he spent earlier years in the homosexual closet was very ironic.

Also of interest was the detailed explanation of the physical and emotion effects of the testosterone therapy and the ‘What Happens in Vegas’ chapter which I found tender and tough-minded at the same time.


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