The Road to Ruin By Niki Savva. A Review by John Cook

The Road to Ruin

I was offered this book to read as a swap for another otherwise it would have been well down my list of reads-to-be. This is a classic piece of political gossip and bastardry. It does purport to represent a view on the decline and fall of the Abbott government with particular emphasis on internal dysfunction within the Prime Ministerial camp (and office) and an endless emphasis on the role of Peta Credlin in those processes as well as canvassing the possibility of a liaison between the PM and his chief of staff.

As someone who has a personal view of the political world and the condition of my native country, I have never been a political partisan and this book goes a long way to re-emphasise that view on my part. I know, as a citizen, I should have an interest in matters political, and I believe I do. However, the insights this book provides into the Federal (at least) political culture of this country are pretty uniformly depressing – and that includes Ms Savva herself.

It is probably too much to ask for a balanced presentation on this period and the author points out that she had no input directly from the two principals concerned. On the other hand, the repetitious constant sniping tone of the work is depressing as is the view of so much of our political culture (in persons and processes) that it reveals.

Stylistically, there is such a rigid focus on point scoring that at times even the expression is either tortured or simply boring to read.

It was interesting in parts and at times. But overall, I could have found more rewarding ways to utilise the time it consumed. Even more depressing would seem to be the realisation that with yet another change of horses, the race remains much the same.


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